Life can be fruitful, life can be messy, life can be fun, and life can be hard. We celebrate, we mourn, we laugh, and we cry.



In all of that we do life together as human beings, in community, seeking to find the best tools to give us the best opportunity to be the best person we can be.

Doing Life Together walks with schools, both Government and Independent, organisations, and whole communities to coach and equip for life. We do this through the provision of coaching and consultative support, and the provision of professional development opportunities, in the areas of education, wellbeing, social change and innovation, organisational development, self-care and self-awareness, and guest speaking and facilitation.

We use innovative and proven tools, with a solid evidence base. We are constantly learning and will always seek to do whatever we can to add value to your journey and story.


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Michael Edgecomb

Doing Life Together is led by Michael Edgecomb.

Michael is a very passionate person; whose strengths lie in working with people. He is especially passionate about children and young people and helping them reach their full potential in life. He sees each individual as uniquely and wonderfully made.

Michael understands that the evidence is clear, there are significant complex challenges being faced by people experiencing vulnerability in our communities. A collective and innovative new way of working needs to be found to transform our communities and begin providing new opportunities for all people. Social innovation, change labs, and outcomes measurement are critical. It is not about money, it is about ensuring that our systems and strategies develop communities of interdependence that encourage people to thrive.

From 2010-2018, Michael led the development of the community services arm of Schools Ministry Group. He was responsible for pioneering and developing sustainable new models, to enable schools and communities to best support their children and young people. He was the lead developer of The Wellbeing Classroom framework for developing community-based wellbeing in classrooms, which was assessed as a promising program by Child Family Community Australia through the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

He provides backbone support and facilitation to multiple collective impact initiatives and is developing new localised resources for change in collaboration with other partners.

This combined experience has provided Michael with the knowledge and practical experience to launch Doing Life Together: Innovation & Consulting.